Koh Chang

Located near the border of Cambodia, Koh Chang is a stunning island in the eastern seaboard of the Gulf of Thailand. The name, which means “Elephant Island,” comes from the shape of its head. Though there are elephants on the island, they were brought there by settlers at some point in time. Largely hidden from the world until World War II, the island has transformed from a few families who grew coconuts to an island that supports nine villages. Despite the increase in population, Koh Chang is part of a national park and can provide a level of serenity and peacefulness that you crave.

Koh Chang Thailand

Is Koh Chang a Wonderful Place to Visit?

With plenty of beautiful beaches, think forest, number waterfalls the second largest island in Thailand is an excellent choice for a quiet holiday in the Land of Smiles.

Koh Chang Attracions

Here are some of the major tourist attractions and things to do in Koh Chang, Thailand.

Take a Walk on Kai Bae Beach

It isn’t the best beach because there are plenty of stones and sea debris, like coral, that are on the shores. Because of this, however, there are fewer people on this beach, which means it is easy to carve out your own little section of goodness. A highly rated seafood restaurant sits at Kai Bae Beach and for those who love a good walk, you can follow Kai Bae Beach to Coconut Beach. There are swings for couples installed periodically along the beach, allowing for a nice romantic cuddle during a sunrise or sunset. For those that like a little adventure with their trip to the beach, this is the perfect beach for you!

Get to Know the Elephants of Ban Kwan Chang

Elephant trekking Koh ChangHow can you not visit an island called Elephant Island and not take time to visit the elephants? The best elephant sanctuary on the island may just be Ban Kwan Chang. Visitors here get a chance to get into the river and help bathe these majestic creatures. They’re well cared for here in this preserve and guides can help point other forms of wildlife that can be seen as you walk through. Climb up to ride an elephant if you dare! If you love elephants, support the workers of Ban Kwan Chang who love elephants as well.

Explore To Find a Fantastic Waterfall

Getting to the Klong Plu Waterfall may be an adventure in itself as it requires most people to trek through the jungle for a good two hours or more. The payoff, however, is the majestic waterfall that roars down toward a shallow stream that is fun to play in. There are many viewpoints that are railed off, but many visitors simply climb out on the rocky outcroppings and do their own little bit to explore. Though it isn’t the largest or most impressive waterfall you’ll ever see, it is one of the best wonders on Koh Chang and you’ll enjoy the trip you take out to see the falls.

What Could You Discover On a Visit To Koh Chang?

Whether you want to explore the ancient fishing villages that are tucked away from the typical tourist hotspots or you wish to visit a functioning rubber tree plantation, there are many unique adventures awaiting you on Koh Chang. Step away from the modern amenities of the resorts and take a brief trip through time to see what Thailand was like centuries ago. With diving, snorkeling, and plenty of other adventures also calling you, the time is now to book your holiday at Koh Chang, Thailand.