Koh Phangan

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan is an island that literally is called “Sand Bar.” It’s an island that can be walked around in just day, but is a famous backpacking destination for adventures because of it’s Full Moon Party at Haad Rin Beach. Having been settled for at least two thousand years, coconut farming and living off of the sea are major components of the industry of this island. Though tin mining has left a few scars, the beauty of Koh Phangan simply cannot be denied. If you’re looking for an adventurous, private getaway that still offers the modern amenities that you may need, Koh Phangan is just the place for you.

Koh Phangan Thailand

Koh Phangan Attractions

Phangan Island is most famous for the fullmoon party among younger crowds. Koh Phangan also has beautiful beaches, excellent restaurants where they serve delicious Thai sea food and plenty of other activities on and off the beaches. Here are some of the things you must do and places you must see in Koh Phangan island.

Visit Thang Nai Pan Noi

One of the best beaches on all of Koh Phangan, enjoying a warm, sunny day out by the water is just one of the many fantastic things you can do on a day trip here. Grab a burger for lunch, go get a massage, take out a pair of jet skis, or even go snorkeling if you wish. There’s always a football match or a fight on somewhere that you can watch with a coffee or cocktail in hand, and don’t forget to eat some tapas before you leave. With plenty of dining and recreation options, you’ll be able to fill a day, maybe two, or even three at Thang Nai Pan Noi.

Get a Little Marital Arts Work In While There

Mixed martial arts is quickly becoming a beloved sport of many and Koh Phangan is home to two world class gyms that can help teach you the basics of Muay Thai. Get a great workout in, learn a new mixed martial art, or just go to have a good time with Thai boxing. Either way, make sure to take some time out to visit Diamond Muay Thai or Kobra Muay Thai so that you can learn from some of today’s leading experts in the sport. Just beware: you might end up coming home sore!

Find Serenity At Wat Khao Tam

If you need to get away from people for awhile, the monastery at Wat Khao Tam is just a few minutes away from the urban center of Koh Phangan. Discover the essentials of vipassana meditation as you quietly explore the grounds. Take a moment to center yourself, let the world pass you by for awhile as the serenity of this beautiful location encompasses you. Take a hike up the small mountain for an incredible view before you leave. This place of quiet solitude is often the perfect day away from the craziness of modern life!

What Could a Visit To Koh Phangan Do For You?

Whether you’re looking for a great party or a time of peaceful relaxation, you’ll be able to take care of both needs at Koh Phangan. With something for everyone to do on this incredible island, you and your family can take the vacation of a lifetime when you book your trip here. Visit Koh Phangan and you will love Thailand.