Phuket Beaches

Phuket is an island of Thailand that is about 50 km long, being the largest island of Thailand. Phuket has a tropical climate and is warm year round, with a wet period between September and October. The ideal time to visit Phuket is between December and March when humidity and unbearable heat are at a minimum. While roughly 70% of Phuket’s surface is covered with mountains, there are many beautiful beaches to enjoy in Phuket. Because of the wide array of beaches to choose from, Phuket is certainly an ideal vacation destination for those who live in and outside of Thailand. Many of Phuket’s beaches are great for meeting people and tourism, while others are ideal for quiet vacations. To learn more about Phuket’s best beaches, keep reading below.

Phuket Beaches

Beautiful Khai Island Beach at Phuket, Thailand.

Freedom Beach

To begin, one of the most sought after beaches for travelers would be Freedom beach. It is very difficult to access Freedom beach because in order to reach it, one must utilize a long tail boat from the south of Patong Beach. This is a luxurious beach with white sands and coconut trees, and offers bars and restaurants to enjoy.

Paradise Beach

The second best beach to visit in Phuket is Paradise beach. Paradise beach is a good choice because it is small and difficult to find, and surrounded on both sides by rocks. This beach has kept its natural beauty regardless of tourism.

Kata Beach, Phuket

Kata beach is another excellent beach to visit if one enjoys the high tourism rate there. This beach is very popular because it is so beautiful and is lined with casuarina trees. Other features of this beach include white sands, a wide array of dining options and an excellent nightlife.
If you are looking for a beach that has a relative amount of visitors, but is not overpopulated, then you should consider Kata Noi beach. This beach is slightly underdeveloped, which makes it more private and great for the individual looking for a getaway. There are no vendors at this beach, a few visitors and due to its isolated location, many people completely miss it.

Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang beach is a location that has a few visitors, but is mostly quiet. Many returning tourists favor this beach and it includes many bars and restaurants. This beach is relatively unknown to passersby.

Rawai Beach

The next recommended beach is called Rawai, and is ideal for those who are visiting the beach for the scenery rather than to swim. This beach prohibits swimming, and offers an excellent view. This beach is located at the south end of Phuket Island, and offers excellent seafood.

Surin Beach

Another beach to visit is Surin beach, which is a busy tourist beach. If you are looking for a great time, and a beach that offers a variety of restaurants with a gorgeous view, than this is the beach for you. This is perhaps one of the most popular beaches on the island, but this certainly does not take away from the beach’s quality.

As you can see, there are many recommended beaches to visit in Phuket. Explore these beautiful island and enjoy the sea to make your visit to thailand a memorable one.