Things to do in Pattaya

What to see and what to do in Pattaya, Thailand

Are you lately planning to drop anchors at the city of Bangkok? If yes then how about taking an hour drive to another mesmerizing beach location, popular to all in the name of Pattaya? Well, this city in Thailand is mostly famous for its carousing opportunities and stunning night-life. While this feature ropes in the interest of many, especially younger male tourists, most family people prefer to stay away from dropping-in here in Pattaya. If somehow you fall amongst the second category of people, wanting to stay clear from being involved in activities, certainly unlikely for a dedicated family person and choose not to include Pattaya as a destination of visit when planning a course of travel to Thailand, hold your thoughts and think for a minute.

Pattaya, Thailand

Luxury Pattaya Beach Side Hotel Pool

Tourist industry in beautiful Pattaya beach is always blooming with thousands of travelers from pretty much all over the globe every year. Do you really reckon all travelers to be a party enthusiast? Definitely no, isn’t it? Then the Q that springs up here is what essentially captivates the interest of these tourists and what are you potentially skipping out when calling shots against a visit to Pattaya? Well, Pattaya is not just a night-life specialty zone; it has plenty more to it. Have a look at the below mentioned fantastic things to do in Pattaya and then cast your final decision about touring here in Pattaya.

Pattaya Beaches

A trip along-with your near and dear ones necessarily needs to be mirthful and fun-filled, don’t you agree? Jomtien beach and Pattaya beach are two of the most exquisite beach locations you must visit. However, since Pattaya beach is more well-known, chances are high that you might find the location quite chock-full with a lot of hustling and bustling around you. To help you witness picturesque scenery and relish some beautiful fun moments with your family, here is a suggestion worth your attention – simply stopover at the vast stretch of the Jomtien beach.

Floating Market near Pattaya

Where do you get a chance to shop and feast upon the mouthwatering authentic Thai food stuffs, chiefly when you are seated in a wooden boat rowing through a riverside? Here in Pattaya, you are bound to feel rewarded picking up sights on stunning architectural pieces, shopping in little souvenir stores and not to forget, witnessing 114 food shops to help you treat your taste-buds with outstanding Thai items like thong yip (sweet egg yolk), the stir-fried noodles or phad-thai and coconut pancake being some of the popular items in a really vast menu. Also since the floating market is a premier tourist spot, cultural shows are organized here almost every-day in the afternoon, putting the cards of the traditional Thai culture on the table.

Coral Island Trip

Coral island or Koh Larn is an excellent choice for day trip. This island has the best beaches near pattaya and is a must visit if you are in Thailand for sun and sand.

Pattaya Beach, Koh Larn

Beautiful Coral Island Beach, Pattaya

Mini Siam

What if you could tour the whole world in just a couple of hours? Interesting, isn’t it? Well, Mini Siam, a place in the North of Pattaya is simply matchless in terms of adventures and kids too find it an enthralling location with the stunningly built replicas of world famous sites. Starting from the peerless Emerald Buddha to the auspicious London tower, everything is at your beck and call.

Pattaya is home to several other interesting and amusing tourist spots like the Elephant village, under water Pattaya, sanctuary of truth, tropical garden, the very entertaining Tiffany show and many more options. So visit Pattaya and explore things much more than just the colorful beaches and rocking night-life.

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