Koh Samui Attractions

Samui island is famous for its pristine beaches with palm trees and white sand. With beautiful coral reefs and wide variety of colorful fish the marine biodiversity of this tropical island paradise is a treat to tourists around the world.

Koh Samui Beach Beautiful Nangyuan Island near Koh Samui, Thailand

What to See in Koh Samui?

You already know about the stunning beaches of Koh Samui. But do you know that Koh Samui got plenty of more to see?

Explore Angthong National Marine Park

Easily one of the most beautiful locations in the world, a trip through Angthong National Marine Park involves great food and a great time. Much of the park is inaccessible to protect the wildlife, but you do get the opportunity to visit two unique archipelago islands, have the chance to go snorkeling if the water is clear, and hike up to the top of the island to take in a great view. Plan on this being a full day trip because it will fill up your day, but it’ll be worth it!

A Visit To Lamai Beach Is Always Great!

Voted as one of the best beaches in the world, Lamai Beach does have some of your typical tourist trappings. There are clothing shops, plenty of bars and pubs, and other commercialization ventures that for some may spoil the adventure of the beach. There isn’t a better beach to enjoy a swim in the area, however, and there are plenty of exploration opportunities and snorkeling available to you as well. Plenty of hidden gems abound as well that offer affordable meals, inexpensive drinks, and everything that you’d want at a trip to the beach.

Get In Touch With Yourself At Wat Plai Laem

Many communities have a big Buddha that brings about lots of tourism and it can cause someone’s spiritualism to feel a bit commercialized. At Wat Plai Laem, there is much less commercialization, allowing for a better interpretive experience when you take the time to visit. Exploring here is free, though there is the opportunity to donate to this worship center so they can continue offering their services to the community. Remember to take your shoes off!

Is It Time To Book Your Trip To Koh Samui?

From the harmless buffalo fighting that happens during special events to the annual triathlon that is held on the island to everything in between, Koh Samui is a special place that everyone should visit at least once in life. Is this the year you join the other 1 million people who will take the time to visit this stunning location? If it is, be sure to check out these options and others so you can make the most out this beautiful tropical island.

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